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melvin rowe. 26. a gemini go show them faces and this here just one of my moods. i just want to let my mind do what it does. necessary for completeness. enjoy.

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SBTRKT feat. Sampha- Temporary View

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I just wanna ride my bike.

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still gives me chills


still gives me chills

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News on the release of SBTRKT's sophomore album "Wonder Where We Land" (it’s been 3 years…) (also his name reads “Subtract”, just fyi) has been firing up my twitter feed and the feed of all 23049823 music news sites I follow because this is hands down the crowned news of today. Let me just mention that I now fully understand how it feels like to be smothered in elation from having a single being dropped. THIS IS FUCKIN IT. Pretty sure this record’s going to be scoring a good amount of year-end lists. While I make assumptions, please go ahead and free your ears to this greatness. Needless to say, Ezra is killing it. Also, feel free to dance x

The lead single from SBTRKT’s sophomore album “Wonder Where We Land”

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Kelis is very important to this blog

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